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Shop Maintenance

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So I am in the shop doing things and start to get frustrated with results,you know,burn marks,tearout,untrue miters and such.
Well it dawned on me,when was the last time I cleaned,tuned,sharpened and adjusted all of the shop tools? Apparently too long.
I spent all day Sunday doing just that and wondered why I waited so long. It's too easy to get caught up in the "making" process and neglect the "maintenance" part,for me anyway.
Who else dislikes the upkeep portion of woodworking?:thumbsup: :thumbdown:
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I suspect that some "hobbiests" that have WAY too much cash and the best of EVERYTHING like maintenance but have rarely, if ever built anything!!!:laughing:
They're the same guys that make push sticks out of birds-eye maple with a roman ogee and inlays!!!:lol:
There are some folks that are more interested in "owning" a shop than using one.
The bench is even spit-polished!!!:laughing:
I have a cleaning issue as well...my problem is when I do simple guitar set-ups fer friends the beer cans seem to pile up.:laughing:
To start with, yeah....quadruple that by the time I'm done!!!!:laughing:
I'm more of a can guy!!!:laughing:

Don't get me wrong...no beer and power tools!!! Setting up a guitar requires a few allen wrenches, some screw drivers and a strobe tuner.
The beer is just a social thing.

But yeah, scrap on the floor drives me up a wall!!!:censored:
I go ape [email protected]$# when my buddies put down thier beer can on the cast iron though!!!!:furious:
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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