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Shop Maintenance

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So I am in the shop doing things and start to get frustrated with results,you know,burn marks,tearout,untrue miters and such.
Well it dawned on me,when was the last time I cleaned,tuned,sharpened and adjusted all of the shop tools? Apparently too long.
I spent all day Sunday doing just that and wondered why I waited so long. It's too easy to get caught up in the "making" process and neglect the "maintenance" part,for me anyway.
Who else dislikes the upkeep portion of woodworking?:thumbsup: :thumbdown:
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A core maint. item for me is Johnson's Paste wax. For the machine tops miter slots, anywhere wood meets metal.

The scraps/bottles on the floor.
I use 5 Gal buckets to put scraps in. A bucket next to the mitersaw, radial arm saw, table saw (the cutoff producers).
A block of wood on the floor is very dangerous if stepped on (maybe from the beer) and you stumble its bad news (I'm not knocking beer,, I've brewed since 92) .
Step on something round like a bottle and you could go 1 of 360 directions.
I realized a long time ago that Mom wasn't going to clean my shop, and why throw a block down only to have to pick all of the up again:blink: . Throw them in the bucket and its easier to Carry the bucket out (to my wood fired water heater that heats the shop/house/2 kilns/hot water)
Who else dislikes the upkeep portion of woodworking?

The Top-Shop dislikes are a little relative to the life or structure of the shop and the work it does.

Assuming we have all out outlets "completely assembled":no: , no continuous use elect power cords in use and laying on the floor:no: ,
proper lighting, roofing metal loose, blow in insulation holes open and being rented by birds, shop rest room not complete, whew! on-me-:blink:-
and other safety basics

Dust collection should be solved since it is a breathing hazard.
A small elect scrap grinder would be nice, it could eat stick type scraps and blocks.
Get my finishing room back from "the kiln". (the room has a window with a good view:tongue_smilie:
Compressed air line on the west wall (where the big confused doors are):tt2:

Get a straight line rip saw.

Plenty of these available in med industrial sizes but they are big scale.

got a customer pick up today -hope they aren't heavy:laughing:

(and yes sometimes I random pick the Smilies from the [More]
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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