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Here is my new shop cart. I was inspired by Stumpy Nubs. He recently created a video of his own and he says is the ultimate shop cart. http://www.stumpynubs.com/ultimate-shop-cart.html
I also watched all the youtube.com videos made from “Ron Paulk's”, and borrowed a few ideas from him. He’s got some great ideas on space savings for smaller shops.

My cart is 44”x24” and 36” tall. (It’s just slightly under the height of my table saw, so I could use it as an out feed table if needed.) It’s a combination of ½” and ¾” plywood. (Not sure just how much plywood I used, I would say somewhere between 1-2 full sheets of ½” and ¾” plywood.) The top extends over the edge by 1” on the front and sides.
The top is a sandwich of ¾” plywood, ¾” MDF and ¼” hardboard, trimmed with some hard maple. It rides on 4” 360 degree casters. (From HF.) Construction is mostly dados, glue and some pocket-hole screws. (Mostly to just screw the top to the carcass.)

My cart is more of a 3 sided cart, the cart will be against an assembly table. So the backside would be inaccessible.

The left side has 4 drawers, ranging from 10” down to 6”. I used an idea from Ron Paulk, the drawers just slide on the wood via dados. (Make sure to wax the drawer edges and dados, once you do they will glide with ease.)
Starting from the bottom and going up:
· Router drawer, it’s about 10” deep. I with that depth so I could extend my favorite router (Dewalt 611) up with a flush trim bit in it and keep it starting up.
· Sander drawer, it’s about 6-1/2” deep. I can keep all my orbital & palm sanders upright.
· Sand paper drawer, it’s about 6” deep. Perfect height for those boxes of 5” sand paper to stand them up on their ends and still be able to read the grit #.
· Misc drawer, it’s about 5-1/2” deep, it was just going to be for router bits, but it turned into a bit of everything now.

The front side: Stumpy showed off one of those new Rocker pocket aprons. 24" Shop Stand Apron (Rocker Item #: 45095. If you’re not on Rockers emailing list, get on it. They were running free shipping on any order more then $25 when I ordered it.) The apron covers the left side of the front. It holds a ton of stuff! Rockler has some other options than that larger apron style. The right side of the front is a clamp rack. I used (3) ¾” pipes with some ¾” floor flanges to hold them into the sides. (My advice would be to go with ½”, you’ll save a few bucks in the end. I would also suggest to find a deal on ebay.com for the flanges, you can save a buck or two vs. a big box store.) If you work out your spacing between the pipes just right, you can get 3 rows of 6” clamps. I’ve got a combination of: 6”, 12”, 18”, 24” clamps and it holds a lot, 30+. I could even fit a few more (But they start getting bunched up. So it starts to tough to just grab one on the fly without fighting the ones around it.) If I were going to do it again, I would have shortened up the drawer side a little so I could have made the clamp rack 18”. It would have made getting the pipe a whole lot easier as the big box stores sell it in that premade length vs. getting it cut and threaded.

The right side: I’m a big fan of the Stanley organizers. The smaller ones are 2-1/4” the larger ones are 4-1/2” tall. So I just made a series of dados that were 2-1/2” apart so I could accommodate which ever size. Stumpy on his cart made a slide out sharpening tray, I went with a more simple approach. I just took some ¾” MDF scrap and routed out an area for my DMT plates. (They are 2 sided so I needed to be able to easily pop them out.) The ones in the middle are just cheap ptreeusa plates. They are just double sided taped down. On the bottom I glued some rubber draw bottom material. So it does not slide around. There is also one drawer in the bottom. (It’s about 10” deep.) I made it out of ¾” for a hardier drawer. I put misc power tools in it. I’m not too proud of the door, it was more of a fix for a design issue. I had not taken into account the dados for the Stanley organizers. Whatever door option I can came up with would have blocked the ability to remove the shelf supports. So I just came up with that idea with the piano hinge on the side. And I cut out a window in the middle, rabbited the backside and dropped in a small chuck of peg board. From there I stuck on another smaller Rockler pocket organizer and I’ve still got some room around the inside for some additional peg board storage space. I could also put some peg hooks on the outside. I used some rare earth magnets to keep the door closed.

I had 4” of dead space under the cart, so I made some angle areas around the casters and cut a ½” sheet down to fit around the caster area, so I can reclaim back that wasted space. After that it gives the cart about ½” of ground clearance. I’ve got some big pipe clamps stashed under there.

Overall I’m very happy with my cart, it holds a lot! More than I expected and with plenty of empty room for future growth. It’s always fun to build something for yours and shop.

A few things I wish I would have thought of as an afterthought.
Build in some drawer organizer/dividers
The clamp rack area would have been 18-1/2” or so wide. And go with ½ pipe/flanges.


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