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Biggest tip I could give you is don't forget to flatten the backs of the chisels.

I had one chisel I just couldn't get sharp and couldn't figure out why. I flattened the back and had a good bevel but it just wasn't sharp. Turns out the back really wasn't flat and there was a small area just at the cutting edge on the back that was recessed - almost like a back bevel had been ground into it. Spent a little more time truly flattening the back and it sharpened up right away.

I wouldn't necessarily worry about getting a micro-bevel on your chisels. Some people use them some don't. I don't bother with them. I know they can speed up resharpening times as you are removing less metal, but I never spend more than a few moments resharpening anyway. Usually just a few swipes on my finest grit stone or on a strop to retouch while I'm working.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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