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Hey, Simple question for you who are experienced:

I am going to cut a 9 foot board to frame a chess board. Standard 45* cuts.

I want the grain to match-up as much as possible. Do I cut the angle, then cut the opposite angle and move down the board, or cut the angle, then flip the board so the angle gives me the 90* when put together?

What is the most common way?


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To get the best alignment, the mating angles should be cut as you go. It's more set ups that way, but will utilize the board better. There will be one corner that will be the odd one out. That will be the first/last section cut. If it's that critical, lay out the board before you start cutting and lay out the cuts, and mark the pairs, and get an idea how the grain looks on the last pair. It may only take a shift, or starting in a different place.

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