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Hey you all,I had another cup of coffee this morning and come up with this. Take the base plate off your router,drill two holes for your "T"nuts and install two "T"nuts the thickness of your base plate and the same distance from center (bit position). One on each side and glue with F26. With a scew or bolt the size of your "T"nut,cut off the head to make a pin 3/4" plus the part that is screwed in the base plate. Put the base plate back on the router. Now you can put the router on the edge of your board and turn the router clockwise until both pins touch (the cut is now centered) and make your mortise. You can clamp (same size) boards on each side to have a wider base to cut on.

Also for an end mortise, add boards on each side (in line) the same size of your board, then clamp with two more boards the same size.

If you want your mortise off center, change the board thickness on one side. Joe

I'm going to have to get off that coffee:laughing:
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