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I couldn't take a good photo by myself but I did measure the center of the headstock and tailstock (which should be the same) to the floor.
My centerline is 48" off the floor. I could have raised it an inch or 2 more but that would put my arms up high and thought that it might be too tiring. I am 5'9" tall, with shoes that's probably about 5'10".
Anyhoo, i have no neck strain when turning.
The lathe mountings (front edges)) are about 4" back from the front edge of cabinet to keep the center of gravity with-in th

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I will need to measure my current setup. I am 6"6" and I'm pretty sure mine is about a foot low.

My kids do like to turn so that also makes height difficult. I typically drag an old footlocker for them to stand on.
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