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Lets see if I can explain this well enough, I am building a chicken coop for the wife. Nothing fancy, just a backyard coop. My plan was to make my own door for the thing.

So, the question is, the vertical boards typically run the entire length, top to bottom, of the door opening. The horizontal boards fit between the verticals at whatever length is needed to fit the door opening. Is there any reason I can't do that opposite, because I don't have any leftovers long enough to span the entire vertical length. I would if I used the horizontals across the entire top and bottom of the door opening.

Does that make sense?
I wonder how much is tradition, how much is the traditional way looks better and how much is that the traditional way of full length stiles may have some strength benefit.

This is only a chicken coop. I say go for the full width rails and make the stiles fit between.
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