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You guys are going to start referring to me as the Sanford and Son of wood scrap wood working...ha

This is going to be for a few Christmas gifts.

So I grabbed a few pieces of different wood and size and cut to around 18" in length. I have pine, walnut, cedar, oak, pressed board. Add whatever you want.

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Lumber Plywood

Ran them through the drum sander to make sure all the sides were good and smooth. When I put them together. You don't want any gaps.

Wood Hardwood Table Machine Resaw

Then did a mock up of the pieces and adjusted a few of them. Have your kids help you here....it is like a jig saw puzzle. However you then have to figure out how to glue me and get them back together the same way...good luck with that...lol

Wood Plywood Hardwood Box Furniture

Gluing was something else.....i used every hand clamp I had....that was crazy.

Auto part Table Engine Metal

Then squared it up and routed a corner round. From there I started to slice them off like a piece of bread.

Wood Wood stain woodworking Table Hardwood

Finished with some left over poly that I wasn't going to use on anything good. So don't throw out finish ... Use it on stuff like this.

Put four stick on felt cabinet bumpers and they are good to go.

Here is the finished product.

Wood Rectangle Textile Wood stain Pattern

Have fun

(clever wood pun here)
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Woa! That's a lot of species and materials. What did you finish them with? I hope that they hold up! With temp and moisture fluctuations, each material will want to do its own thing--though the pieces may be small enough for that not to matter. Keep us posted for sure!:thumbsup:
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