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I was walking through Lowes today at lunch to pick up some stuff for my nephew. When I walked past the blind ordering area, they were cutting the table they had for books. I immediately headed over there & asked what they were going to do with the scrap piece. I was told the garbage. When I asked if I could have it, they sent me to talk with the store manager. He said I could have it for a $1 (liability if they gave it to me).

After I got it home, I had to straighten up the cut (they cut with jigsaw). It measures 1 1/8" x 4' x 34.5". Its MDF with laminate. My first thought was an outfeed table for the table saw, which I desperately need. But I also really need a workbench though I think this is a little too small for that. If I make the outfeed table, I'd need to figure out a way to make the legs so they'd be sturdy and collapsable so I could put up for storage.

So, anybody have any good simple ways top make the legs collapsable?

Why not just use hinges? If the legs need to be longer than the table width, just angle them in some, when unfolded they will still end up where the hinge is. Recess a couple of fairly large rare earth magnets in the underside of the table and some large flat head screws in the legs to keep them folded up. ACE hardware has some fairly large magnets.
Good Luck:smile:
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