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Well guys I have now owned my Sawgear for 3 weeks and have worked out any bugs that I thought were bugs. Let me start with customer service which I found to be A+++. Prior to any sale especially on a $4000 purchase is going to be top notch but what a company does after the sale is a testament to service. Upon receiving my Sawgear I had a couple installation questions (in fact I called them 10 times the first day) each call was taken and handled makings sure that I understood. They then spent 40 minutes calibrating the machine so I cannot say enough good things about how they handle everything.

Now onto the machine... I am guessing you are wanting to know is it worth the money? Here is the best way to answer that. It depends on how much you are going to use it. If you intend to buy it to have it sit, then probably not, if you are buying it for butt cuts on a job site I would have to say YES as the time savings just in not having to snap a tape out on each board in each size saves you 30% of your cut time. Now if you use it like I do in the shop, "BUY IT"!!! I cannot explain how much time it saves me in going back and forth to the saw each time to cut a hair off. I simply take an exact measurement with my tape, type that number into the machine and hit start and I can cut the wood knowing that it will fit perfectly each time! I have had stop systems which worked well but if you can afford $4000 jump on this! It will pay for itself in such a short time. If you have questions I would be happy to answer them.


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