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Sawdust funnel

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Has anyone gotten anything like this to work?

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What's happening is the sawdust is hitting the white stuff so fast its getting deflected upwards. I might have to put a lip on the top or something.

Hardly anything goes into the little cloth bag. In fact I took it off and watched it while I cut the end off a scrap and hardly anything came out. Even had the wife hold a shop vac hose up to it.

The sawdust comes out by the blade.

This is a work in progress. It does help keep the floor clean, but not as well as I expected.

That white material is bathroom wall stuff. It's really flimsy. A 4x8 sheet of it cannot stand up leaning against the wall, it just flops over. It seems to be vinyl or something similar.

$25 for a 4x8 sheet at Menards.

Probably the perfect material for tool box drawer liners. Cuts easily with a utility knife or scissors.
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Pictures added today 2-25-2023

Wow some of the builds here are killer. Beautifully done .
I don't have a picture at the moment but I threw one together is about 1 hour using 1 1/2 in PVC pipe for the support and a simple storage bucket cut to suit. Sits directly behind my saw and has a 4 inch hose connection in the bottom .
The thing about this type of saw is unless you have room and a big budget getting all the dust is a challenge . Get what you can and build on.
I will post images if anyone is interested. Total cost about $20 the image below is a typical Walmart plastic bucket like the one I used.


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