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Hey, I see a few threads here where folks mention sawblade.com. My Yates-American J-114 uses shorter-than-normal-now blade (92.75 max). so I ordered from a custom source (sawblade.com). I just received my 3/4" blade with which, I intended to resaw a Fir 2x6.

After installation, I made a few test spins, which kept the blade riding right on the center of the top wheel, but something was s bit off. I adjusted the top wheel, tension, and adjusted the guides and support bearing. I briefly test-ran the saw and there was definitely an odd noise.

While test spinning it, I can see the blade slide up against the bearing and back out the about 3/16" away. All the time the blade is riding on the crown of the top wheel, but down at the guides, there's trouble. What I can see is that the blade is not straight. I decided to see how it would run in this condition and switched on the saw again. Within about 10 seconds (maybe less) the blade shimmy loosened the rubber tire and violently threw it off the wheel. Despite this being a saw from 1956. the rubber is plenty soft, stretchy, and fits quite tightly over the wheel. It went back on w/o trouble. However, I'm not running this blade on my bandsaw again.

I removed the blade and laid it on the flat floor. The thing definitely crowns on one side. The weld point is nice and parallel, but the other part of the blade is deformed. So I called the company. Spoke to someone with a heavy accent from the subcontinent. They transferred me to a number that blared a sales ads at me, and then back. They took my number and said they'd call me back.

So far, I'm thinking that this was a waste of time. Terrible service, poor quality product that actually damaged my saw. Maybe this is a fluke. What kind of experiences have folks had with this supplier?
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