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I'm shopping for a second blade for my sliding miter saw. I now have an older 60 tooth Avanti blade (from when they were still made by Freud) that has been doing a respectable job. That poor baby is about ready to go for a resharp though so I am looking for a backup blade.
The two blades I am looking at are the Diablo D1060S; 60 tooth, ATB, 7° hook.
or the IRWIN Marples 1807381; 84 tooth, TCG, 5° hook.
I am sure either will work just fine but most of what I do is either softwood or MDF with some occasional oak, maple or poplar.
I know the MDF raises cane with ATB grinds though and was thinking the TCG may be more resistant to wear from that stuff. The Marples is about $10 more expensive than the Diablo.
Any thoughts??:smile:
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