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Hi these are a few new sanding pads i have just made, thought it time to replace my old one's. Nothing hard to it and you most like have the bits around the place, i use silver steel for the tool spindle but you can always use anything eles, maybe some long hex bits the cheap ones where the heads are no good, then you get no slip in the drill or you can use a quick release system. The blue sponge is from an old camping mat, i use 2 bits glue up and then glued to bottom, you can undercut the sponge if you want after gluing up, just put the unit into your drill and lay it up on a bit of sandpaper to get the angle you want.
Half hour of work and have 4 pad sanders dif size, the cheapest of these are like £3 each and can be £14 each so me, i don't like paying for things like this.
So come and put a tool in this thread see what we get. LB.



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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