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My sister gave me a wooden bowl to refinish because it got wet and has water marks on it. Being a wood turner I would normally just mount it to the lathe with my plate jaws and go to town on it with some sandpaper. However, it is either a hand carved bowl or a green turning that warped because it is not quite round. Aside from the laborious task of hand sanding the whole thing are there any good ways to sand it down? My concern is that the water stains are deep into the wood and no amount of sanding will get rid of them. Any thoughts?
Ken ,
how about mounting it on the lathe , unhooking the belts , and using a well padded power sanding mandrel in the electric drill on it . The spinning disk will get the bowl spinning .
The same but different to how we have the lathe running and the sanding mandrel in a rotary sander handle .
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