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I am new the forum and have been reading posts in various sections. I am also new to woodworking/carpentry. I decide to join so that I can ask questions about my current project: Sandbox. I found this forum to be full of information and resources.

I am building a sandbox for my kids and have several questions. While I was browsing the forum, I came across another thread of member ‘adauria’ who also built a very similar sand box. I am linking the picture from his thread here for your reference (since I don’t have a nice picture like his). The only difference between mine and his is that the four corner seats will be level/flush with the sides so that the lid will be more snug on top without any gaps.

Some background on the box: My sand box will be 4x5 feet in size. It will be made from 2x8 pressure treated lumber. I will clear the ground where the box will go and dig a few inches and fill it with lime screening and put 4 2x2 ½ ft patio stones, on which the box will sit.

Here are some of my questions:
o. Should there be a bottom?

my plan is to put one 4x5, ½ inch pressure treated sheet)

o. Should the bottom have small holes for drainage?

I am thinking of small holes in the bottom and then put landscape paper before the sand to allow for drainage

o. Should the bottom of the box sit directly on the patio stones (concrete)?

I was thinking to put several strips of high density foam between the patio stones and the box bottom. Strips would have enough spacing to allow for drainage)

Do you think my ideas would work?

Thank you for your feedback.
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