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Salvage lumber?

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When we bought our house here in Alaska, there was a giant cable spool in the back yard. It was to tall to use for anything as well as to poor in condition. I dismantled and burned the ends which were in pretty sad shape but saved the staves that made up the center. Up here wood is a premium. I save everything.

I planed one up a couple days ago to see what it would look like. It appears to be a good hard pine and has the look of aged pine. Am I correct and also were those spools treated in any fashion that would prevent their use in indoor projects?

My wife just got a digital camera so when I figure out how to put the pics on my computer and post them I will get some pics of the boards on here. The boards ended up finishing out at 4 5/8" wide, 13/16 thick (to remove cup and crown in stave) and between 36 and 40 inches long, depending on the condition of the ends that were near the ground. I ended up with 28 boards. Now I need a project.


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They may or may not be treated (prob. not).
Leave wood in its full size to dry it,, that way when it cups a little from drying properly, you have wood left to square it up.
Wood is expensive in Alaska? You all have trees that take 2min to walk around the base.
Look for a portable bandmill operator. They should have lumber for sale.
Or a small scale mill yard. Big mills may be a little less interested in selling a few boards.
Here in Tn, mill sell slabs for firewood ($25 per pack, about 1 cord), in the slabs are short boards that didn't make #3 grade.
Mills here sell Oak (green/wet) #1 @ $.50bf and #2 $.40bf
The wood is pretty dry other than the ambient moisture from being outside. I can't smell anything in the piece I planed that smells like it was treated.

As to the size of our trees, you are thinking of southeast Alaska. Here in the Matsu Valley it is rare to find trees of any great size. We do have birch, spruce and cottonwood available and many small mills around. I just hate to throw away any wood that might be half way decent salvage.

I have had some spruce milled and have some birch and cottonwood to do this year but that puts me a year or two out before I can use it.

We have a mill close by that sells rough cut kiln dried stuff so do have a source but will not pass any salvage up.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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