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Saw this on th AAW site and thought I'd post it here as a reminder for all of us. So that things like this don't happen, or how to minimize the risk of them happening, are why I'm always on my soapbox with new turners to find an experienced turner to mentor them.

Just a reminder about standing in the line of fire.
Hi ***...

This is ***, Adrien's wife. I just wanted to let the group know that Adrien was badly injured when a plate he was turning flew off of the lathe and hit him in the head. (at least this is what the police and I were able to reconstruct. We found a few pieces of the plate but not all of them) Fractured skull, eye orbit fracture. He had facial reconstructive surgery and a plate in the frontal skull bone as the bone was shattered) on Saturday and had been in a drug induced coma until Sunday. He improved tremendously yesterday, but doesn't remember anything about the accident, except the fact that the plate he was turning was beautiful wood!

He had his helmet on and it was broken as we found pieces in the shop.

Please reiterate to the group the importance of wearing their helmets!!!!

He will be in the hospital for awhile, but sure he will be in touch when he is able.

Please be safe!
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