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From what I have observed, there is no reliable measurement or test results related to router bits.

I know that the flames are coming but please read on.

Every now and then someone publishes a router bit test. The test criteria usually involves purchasing several samples of one particular bit from several sources and then running a uniform test procedure across all bits.

The natural question is, Is the test accurate? The answer is for that date, time and those samples of router bits, ABSOLUTELY. The problem is that the test does not apply to all the other bits made by the manufacturer and not even the next series of tested bits made by that manufacturer. Procedures change, factories change, designs change, suitability to task changes and all that affects the quality of the bit. There is the possibility that a bit intended for CNC use was labeled as a hand held router bit because of the lack of product of that size. In an automated test, great results but in your router a big question.

The best indications of quality that you will find are from members here. We tend to buy bits one at a time and when we get to the point of the second or third dull bit, we know what the quality of those bit are. If by the third bit the quality was good, good, good, you'll hear about it. Anything less you'll hear about that too.

I think that the general consensus among the group is going to rank Whiteside at the top, Freud QUADRA, MLCS, Katana near the top and Rockler, CMT, Wood River and Woodline in the middle.

There are some bargain bin bits that may be good if you can find them. Porter Cable made near the top bits but couldn't afford to sell them at competitive prices. DeWalt had a line that was at the top of the middle but they stopped making them about 10 years ago. Avanti make good bits and probably still do but they don't seem to be readily available anymore.

Finally, almost any bit is great for the first few times it is used. So think about how many times are you going to use a bit. Are you going to use the bit for only one project, then buy a cheap bit.
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