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I was going to make a simple cove molding until I realized I didn't have a cove router bit. I've got several brand of bits, but have not used any of them long enough to see which is the better in the long run.

I'm considering MCLS bits because of the price, but others like Freud may have better 'ratings'. Does anyone have a preference?
If it is a bit you think you will use a lot, go with Whiteside, Amana, CMT or one of the other high end bits. If you haven't got one, I suspect your usage is minimal or sporadic where you would be cheaper out with a mid line bit and the MLCS is one of the better mid-line names. Or, take a look at the Katana line that MLCS also sells. They are a step up from the house brand but still not exorbitantly priced. :huh:
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