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Rosewood or Macassar ebony??

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Hi all,

Need a little help identifying this hardwood blank, Its very hard/dense; well Aged (bought from an antique toolbox c1920)

I just can't decide if its Macassar ebiony with its distinctive striped pattern, or rosewood(seems like a good match too)

Here are some pics of it:

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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That's a tough one to pick without having the opportunity to do a touchy feely and smelly. Ebony can be harder than Rosewood, and Rosewood can be more oily than Ebony. They could weigh about the same. If I had to teeter, I'd be leaning towards the Ebony.

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It doesn't look like either. The color in grain look more like ironwood to me.
what does it smell like when you sand/cut it? If it smells sweet and nice it's rosewood. If it stinks like dirty sock dish water it's macassar ebony. (I can't see the pics so I have no other help for you.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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