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While assembling my G1023RL I encountered problems with aligning my spreader and riving knife. I just could not get either aligned within the recommended zone using the set screws on the mounting block. After removing the table top to get a better view of the operation of the adjustment block and attachments, I discovered a vertical channel in the rear trunnion right next to the riving knife mounting block. It appears to me that the riving knife should be located in the channel when in the mounting block. My riving knife is located just left of the channel when locked and "rubs" against the trunnion. For 1023 owners who have encountered similar problems or removed their table tops, can you tell me if my assumption of the riving knife location in the trunnion channel is correct? Any ideas on how to correct this problem? I have contacted Grizzly technical support regarding this problem but they have not gotten back to me. It would be nice if I can fix this problem this weekend. Thanks.
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