Older gray tank 12 gallon Rigid wet dry vac is being put up for sale for $50.00 local pickup in the Friendswood / Clear Lake / League City area of Houston Metro.

Works great, but I got the 16 gallon as well and am selling off the smaller one.

Current version is selling for $89.97.

It will include the following standard and optional accessories,
  • Rigid washable HEPA filter. Probably needs a blow down and wash out by now... $29.00 new.
  • Diffuser / muffler $15.97 new
  • 2 @ locking wands (the rigid pipe pieces)
  • Dusting brush
  • Utility nozzle
  • Car cleaning nozzle
We are looking at a new value of $130.00, it's been used in a home hobby / DIY wokshop so not terribly heavy use, so I am thinking $50.00 is fair...

Will trade straight across for equivalent value Rigid HEPA filter / Bags kit for the 15 gallon unit. Can even meet up at a local Home Depot to do the deal...