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Last week was a hard week with little to see/ show for it. I worked on adapting the new trailer to fit the boat. Lot of head scratching. Sitting the boat on the trailer. Measure. Raise it up. Lower it down. Measure, test fit. Raise it up over and over! The crawling under and then getting back up over and over was exhausting.

I ran the old the existing bunks through the planer to clean them up.

Added a couple of bunks under the motor stringers. They will carry most of the load of the boat. I just used a single to fit with. Now I will remove these and double them up and trim to size.

Added a bunk at the front or rather I am in the process. Cut some aluminum angle and will attach it to the trailer and the bunk to that.

Doesn't look like much but it has been a BIG job and not enjoyable at all. But it is close to done and I can move on to something more fun.
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