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Restoring a '62 Chris Craft Sea Skiff

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Busy restoring a 1962 Chris Craft Seas Skiff. Almost have the boats hull sealed but had to take a break from laying on my back replacing, repairing and swearing at wood screws. You can replace a 100 screws, stand back and look and get ZERO feeling of accomplishment. It just doesn't show. You know you worked hard because you shoulders and neck ache so bad, but it just not satisfying work.

I have to stop sometimes and do something that 'feels good" when you stand back and look. I am going to paint the inside of the boat and needed to get at least one coat of varnish on the bright work in case there is any over spray. It is SO much easier to strip a little varnish off of bare wood than paint is. So I always put at least a couple of coats of varnish on before painting anything adjacent to it.

First I have to remove all the gauges and switches.

Stripping the bulkhead was no picnick either. Need to sand with 220 and then it will be ready for a good cleaning and some varnish.

Next is filler stain and then Varnish.
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Someone sent me this video clip and is SO perfectly portrays how this project goes!

Changing a light bulb
I never watched the series ... but that skit is fantastic! We've all been there, I believe!
Thank you for the laugh!
Should be ready for the water before the end of this decade, right?
That boat looks like it'll need 3 feet of water, minimum for draft. I don't think you could find more than half a dozen places to run that down here. Pretty, though!
1 - 4 of 141 Posts