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replacement handle turning

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Recently in another thread. We discussed different handle shapes and different ferrels. This is what i like.

My wife asked me to make her a coffee scoop. Here is the path i took. U started off with a chunk of spalted tiger maple mounted it in the lathe and turned round

Machine Wood

Next i take the ferrel. In this case it is a 3/8" flare nut

Furniture Brass Metal

Measure the ID of the small end. This will be the size of the tenon and the length as well.

Gauge Calipers Measuring instrument Tool Tire


Mark the length on the stock


Then set this size to a caliper to measure the tenon OD


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Ensure the fit. It needs ro be snug but not tight

Auto part Gas Metal

Next measure the thread end of the ferrel. You want to measure the deepest part of the threads.

be sure to turn a small tapper between the 2 tenons this will allow the threads to start much easier.


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Be sure to turn a small tapper between the two tenons. This will allow the threads to start much easier
Then thread on the fitting using a small wrench to hold the fitting and turn the chuck.

Floor Machine Pipe

Bumper Metal

Then i use a 4 in 1 file to file off the hex nut after turning part of the stock away to give some room to work.

Pipe insulation Pipe Auto part

I then use a small ignition points file to refine the ferrel.

turn your desired handle shape and Sand the ferrel up to a 1000 grit for a nice polish. If you want it to shine more sand to a higher grit.

Auto part

Hope you all enjoy!


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Wood Hardwood Metal Pipe

And the finished coffee scoop

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You damn guys really make me want a lathe. My wife/wallet scold you!

Truthfully, that looks great! Going through the pictures I thought it seemed like it'd end up awfully chunky, but you took more off then I, as a non-turner, anticipated there at the end. I love the repurposed brass fitting. Whenever I've looked at hardware it seems like steel bar stock is cheaper than the hardware you can make from it but brass always seems like you may as well buy the finished product.
yeah my lathe is not a fancy one by any means. I need to keep as much mass / weight spinning when I am not using a tail stock to keep the piece spinning true and in balance. Due to the piece being so short. I could not fit my tail stock and my tool rest. So I just opted to leave out the tail stock and use a little larger block to start with. and that is also the reason I used my jaw chuck instead of a screw center or drive center.
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