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I don't see how a remote would hurt the motor if it's installed correctly. It is only a switch which cuts the electricity,exactly the same thing the on/off switch does. If you order one from Jet it comes with directions to show you exactly how to install it. I have one on my powermatic. I have had problems with the switch getting dirty and stop working so I removed it temporarily and bought an aftermarket switch. Just haven't had time to install it.
The one downside to remote switchs is finding the darn thing in a panic. You have to get in a habit of placing the remote in the same location all the time so in a panic you won't have to scramble to find it.
The advantage of course it that you can put it almost anywhere and hopefully would be out of harms way if you have to shut the lathe off in an emergency.
You can find plans online to show you wiring diagrams of installing a remote switch if you would rather just buy your own switch and wire it up yourself.
I would never install a remote that was "instead of" the manual switch. I want that switch instantly at hand.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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