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Hi, I'm new to the forum.

My husband and I have a fun vision of floor to ceiling wall to wall book shelves on one of our walls, but we are complete beginners and don't know much about wood working.

We thought of using oak, as it is most affordable of hard woods and stains well. And recently I had this thought - what if, instead of buying new lumber, we buy used oak book cases and 'recycle' the sides for our shelves?
I realize that it will take sanding and staining, same as new wood, but can it be an easier way to go for beginners?

I'm concerned about warping of the new wood, and it seems that if we buy old bookcase this won't be a problem. Is that right?

If this is an agreeable solution - will there be a problem with staining the wood, and what do we do with the holes (when the pegs were, holding the shelves)?

What do we need to know in general before starting on this project?

I know this is all vague and probably sounds silly, but I have to start somewhere :)

Thank you in advance! Any advice is welcome.

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Wonder what the protocol on thread necromancy is here...

(OP is from 2013)
There doesn't seem to be any, someone finds a thread through a search outside of the forum typically, and then signs up to reply. Typically the OP, and the NewP never return...
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