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Hey All!
I am a new wood worker and have limited space (my garage). What I plan to do is make decorative boxes for family members, friends, etc. As I have limited space, I am wondering what other power tools would be helpful to help me on my way:smile: Am thinking bench top style as I can mount them on stands which would give me rolling ability to pull truck out of garage and "set up shop". I currently have: inexpensive table saw, combo belt/disc sander, cordless drills, sawzall, skil saw, router table.

Am thinking: compound miter saw (for angled cuts), scroll saw(for inlay work) and.......?

Any suggestions from more experienced folks would be greatly appreciated!

where's my table saw?
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it's open ended

Best and most frequent;y given advice here is...let the projects determine the tools you need. If you understand the function and operation of each tool, go to You Tube and watch.... then you will know what each is capable of when it come time to make a purchase.

The Roto Zip is a perfect example of a tool looking for a use in my opinion. The first time I used one to cut drywall outlets it made so much dust I stopped and continued with the drywall saw by hand.

Box joint jigs also come to mind. They are great IF you are going to make a considerable number of boxes that way. You can make your own or buy a commercial one. You can use it on the router table or table saw. You need one for each different size of fingers.

A tenon jig is another one where you can make a very good one or buy the commercial version. OR you can make them on the bandsaw, no jig required.

If you don't have a bandsaw yet, that is the one tool I would recommend to a beginner. They are versatile and vastly underrated in my opinion. When making furniture with curves and thick material, there is no better machine. :yes:
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