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Old Methane Gas Cloud
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Let me toss a few things into the fray.

The gun that Fred is suggesting is about $150.

There is an Earlex system out there for about twice that.

Rockler has a system for less than the price of the gun that Fred is suggesting.

I've used the Earlex system in demo mode at one of the trade shows. Spraying water based something a few passes over an easel seemed to be a good gun and system.

I've not used the Rockler system. I have seen demos with the system and the results seemed to be remarkable. The guy doing the spraying was experienced with spraying systems.

With all of that said, the last sentence of the above paragraph is the key to successful spraying.

I have a different system and don't use it enough to be an expert. There are two things that are of extreme importance with HVLP guns, the needle and viscosity.

The needle that comes with the gun is probably OK for what you're going to spray. Also there are needles for very thin lacquer and very thick latex (i.e. House Paint).

Usually there is a cup with a hole in the bottom to test viscosity. Test your viscosity and thin the product accordingly.

Practice with water and some brown paper taped to the wall. Use at least a full cup of water and as much brown paper as needed. When you're doing the spraying, the objective is to have the water on the brown paper dry at about the same time. (This tells you how even you are spraying.) The more practice that you do, the better the end result.

One more tip about spraying. When you are using the spray gun, the wrist does not flex and the handle of the spray gun should remain perpendicular to the object.
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