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My name is Greg Cater and I’m a sucker for wood that has a story behind it. I knew that woodworking had to be part of my life shortly after starting Mr. Johnson’s woodworking class in high school. After college I did a short stint as a Cabinet shop owner, but realized very quickly that production woodworking was not my pile of sawdust. All these years after Mr. Johnson’s class, I enjoy woodworking more than ever. I live with my wife and kids in Northern California, about 30 miles east of downtown San Francisco.
My goal for the blog is to share ideas, generate feedback and make this a place where we can have some show and tell about our reclaimed wood projects.

Sawdust Maker
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Hi there, Greg:

will take a look at your blog. I prefer reclaimed wood to newer wood for some of the work that I like to do, too.
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Welcome Aboard, I love to use reclaimed wood also when I can get it.


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