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Good friends of ours recently purchased their first home in Indiana and had a housewarming party over the weekend, so the wife and I decided to make them a re-purposed chair bench for their front porch. Everything used on the bench was re-purposed other than the pine for the frame.

We picked up a pair of fairly dated chairs for the project cheap off CL.

And I quickly got to work breaking them down for mock up.

The seating boards were a couple of pieces of old lumber we picked up at the local ReStore (Habitat for Humanity store).
They measured 48" x 11 & 3/4", so I ripped them down to 5 & 3/8" so we could use 3 boards (wife likes odd numbers).

Adding some pine trim to the front

Yours truly doing some sanding

Adding some paint - This color is called LaFonda from Valspar and if you've ever seen the movie Napolean Dynamite, you'll know why I laugh whenever I tell people what color it is.

Chair detail in color

All finished

At it's new home on the front porch in Indiana

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