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Is it possible to put a roundover edge on plywood using a router, or will it tear it up?
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Why do forster bits cut a slightly bigger hole than regular drill bits? Dowels fit sloppy loose when you bore the hole with a forster but they fit tight when you use a regular drill bit.
If you have a warped piece of wood, for example, a twisted wall stud, and you force it straight & attach it so it's locked straight, will it always have a twisting force locked in it, or will it eventually conform to straightness?
Will Titebond III stick to wood that's previously had a coat of linseed oil applied to it?
What's going to stay straighter over time?

A 4x4 or two 2x4's glued together?

My theory is the twin 2x4s would stay straighter
What would be stronger, in this loading configuration, the 2x4 or two 3-1/2" wide strips of 3/4" plywood glued together into a 2x4?

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PS: Obviously, I based my answer on a heavy load being in the bucket. In your photo's situation, it wouldn't matter. As it appears to be an empty bucket! :sneaky:
Yeah it was empty. Just there to represent the load. I was fully expecting my dog to knock it down before I could get a picture.
It's a funny clip.
Last week I let my dog outta the shop at night to go pee.

As soon as I opened the door, there was a rabbit about ten feet away, and my dog chased it.

The dog cornered the rabbit, and the rabbit actually attacked the dog.

Dog had a little scratch on the bridge of his nose.

The dog's immediate reaction was to run away.

It reminded me of this part.

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Not all dowels are created equal. I would expect that the forstner bit is accurate unless it is a real cheapo.
Harbor Freight.

But they mic dead on balls accurate.

Methinks it's the low RPM.

My drill press chuck has a slight wobble at low RPM ever since my dad launched an unclamped piece of plywood across the shop with a fly cutter about ten years ago.
Is it possible to put a roundover edge on plywood using a router, or will it tear it up?
My first question is resolved. I made these with a 3/4" dome shaped bit. There's no purpose for these items. I was just experimenting, learning. The shellac finishes are another experiment to see if plywood can be made pretty, and I guess I'm also going to see how shellac holds up to skin oil and light friction. Wifey likes to run her fingers back and forth through the router cuts like one of those soapstone blocks with the spoon shaped concavity you're supposed to rub with your thumb.

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How well will a router bit cut in something that's both hardwood and softwood?
How dull is your bit?
Brand new, minus the plywood edge cuts in the pictures above.

But it's a harbor freight Hercules brand.
Wood Automotive tire Oreo Hardwood Auto part

The center part of this pulley is two pieces of oak, glued up with their grain directions perpendicular.

I'd like to use that router bit to round out the groove in the pulley where the rope will go.
Its not necessary but it'll look better.
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The router bit wouldn't know the difference except if you route wood that is glued up like plywood very much it will quickly dull the bit. The glue line is very abrasive on even carbide tip bits.
Maybe I can just chuck up that bolt in the drill press and spin it while holding a rat tail file in it.

I already spun it in the drill press but I had it at 200 RPM and I was just holding sandpaper on it.
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