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Radiator cover question?

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I have to build one for my MIL. Going to make it out of red oak and was wondering if I need to insulate the inside for fire protection or if i dont need to bother

Thanks in advance
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Insulate. I would think all that heat is going to make it cup/crack/bend/bow/twist without insulation and maybe even with it, but hopefully less.
Mike; I make mine with just a frame setup then inset into all 4 sides the decorative prepunched metal sheets. sides and top. doesnt trap the heat but does make pretty. also DO NOT MAKE THE FRONT FACE TO THE FLOOR do a furniture type sweep up to 4" or so off floor. That is ur cold air return space in the gravity system.
Rad covers

When you say you are making them out of red oak, did you mean front, sides and top? Skymasters advice on the bottom opening is spot on. How had you intended for the heat to get out of the enclosure?

As to insulation, don't know how that would work. Some details on your intended construction methods would help us help you.

what ment is sides and top havent decided yet if i was gonna do metal face like skymaster sugested or wood slats and by insulation i ment to protect the wood from the heat
That's what i meant by insualte too. many ways to "insulate".
Seems to me if one side of the wood gets consistently exposed to a dramtically different heat signature it is going to move eventually no matter how low the MC was out of the kiln.
That kind of heat applied to one side will force the remaining MC out of the wood at a much faster rate than the side that sees little or no relative heat.
All just MHO of course I have never made one and put it in service.
skymaster do you have pics and specs i.e. temps that the wood is exposed to on the heat side etc?
TexT; Sorry but no photos:blink: However, "normal" construction for me is Poplar for frame. I dont see any real heat build up since it is basically wide open spaces :yes::laughing:. I usually build a cover a couple of inches bigger in all dimensions. Sorry not more help.
Ideas on radiator cover

Especially the surface temperature of the radiator is too hot to comfortably touch, then I think it's asking a lot for the wood not to distort over time. A more stable material for radiator covers is MDF - obviously not as attractive, but can look ok if painted.

The web site below may give you a few design ideas...

Let us know how you get on!

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