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Greetings, folks. I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on this. I am trying to fix up some very large loudspeakers (Klipschorns from 1972). The plan was to veneer them using some pressure-sensitive self-adhering walnut veneer.

I have stripped the old paint off of the speakers, planed, and sanded them, to discover the rotary-cut fir plywood on the surface. It is somewhat uneven, due to the grain of the 40 year old fir.

On the veneer's included instructions, there are clear instructions to NOT apply over fir plywood, because the grain pattern will show through. So my questions, before I peel the backing off of $200 of veneer, are:

1. How much danger is there of bad-looking application? I am planning a dark ebonizing treatment.
2. How can I avoid the problem? Is there a way to even out the fir? Should I glue paper or Masonite to the fir surface before veneering?

Thanks! I hope I'm able to get this working somehow.

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