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Generally, you want to joint one face first. Then joint an edge with the freshly jointed face against the jointer's fence. Next step is to run the board through the planer to true the other side. Lastly, true the remaining edge by ripping it on a table saw.

With your 8" cedar, you would need an 8" jointer to do this, though. Otherwise you may have to use a planer sled to get the first face true. Or rip the cedar in half, do the milling and glue it back together. This might be advantageous from a warping/cupping standpoint.

I was searching for a picture that would show how to position the grain direction in relationship to the direction of feed (prevents chipping and tear-out). I found a good picture in this article which also has a lot of other tips: http://workshopcompanion.com/KnowHo...ing/2_Jointing_KnowHow/2_Jointing_KnowHow.htm


PS: woodnthings was faster than me!
PS Again: I just re-read your post and saw that the lumber has already been planed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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