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These are some items that I make from those "what to do with those scraps".

If I could just figure out how to put text near each pic?
of course the text and pics are in reverse order,, yeesh.

Bottom pic is my "no bracket shelf".
It has metal keyhole hangers morticed into the back. It has no brackets or supports showing for an interesting effect.

next is Sconces. Made from solid stock but it could be from glue up also. I mill my own lumber, these are made from the center of a log that is left over from the milling pattern "boxing the heart". Typically the center of a tree is not good lumber, so I've made a few products from it.
Also in the pic is my "Half circle shelf" . 2 pieces put togather (plugged screws or biscuits),,keyhole slot on the back. They can also be made as an ellips.

Next is my "Sawmill Shelf".
The outer boards from a log will have a natural edge on it (wane), typically it is edged off. I use the low grade outer boards to make the shelves. I make verticle and horizontal versions also in and outdoor versions. The outdoor have deck preservative on them (cats optional)


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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