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I have ran into a problem with the install of a set of interior bi-hinge doors. The homeowner is renovating an old house that had the interior torn out. The drywall guys re-finished around the studs, leaving the laundry area opening at 61" wide, 81" high. The pre hung door unit is 5/0 x 6/8, leaving the finished measurements with jamb at 61.25" wide x 80.5" high.

What would be the proper install of this door unit? Should I have the homeowner return the set for a 4/8 and use a backer behind the jamb? Should I use the 5/0 unit and remove the drywall around the studs to give more width? Or could I trim off .25 to .50 inch off the 5/0 unit's jamb and make it a solid fit?

The homeowner's concern of the 4/8 size is positioning both washer and dryer through the doors. It would be a tight squeeze with a washer and dryer going the 4/8 route. The current 5/0 unit has a solid, one piece jamb if that matters.

Thanks - I really need your help on this one!
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