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Furniture repair made easy

If you are agreeing to repair something that you know how to do, then you can figure the steps you would take and assign them time allotments based on your experience so far. If you have no idea what you are doing, then Welcome Aboard!! That's where most of us started, needing some money and finding someone who was willing to take a chance on us. So you come up with four hours or so, tell your customer you will charge for no more than six. If it takes longer, you are paying for some of your education. As far as an hourly rate, it doesn't matter what the guy down the street is charging, if you can't make it on that. Or maybe he has 7 kids to support, so he has to be very good at what he does to justify his price. You have to figure what it will take for you to live on and then offer enough service and expertise to convince folks your worth it. Otherwise you'll gett alls kinds of testimonials of not working for less than $48/hr and complaints about not being able to get $8 /hr because of the crappy economy. I have found by giving folks a ceiling price and then coming in under that amout give them a sign that I am honest and trustworthy. It's worked for me for over thirty years.... Best of all to you... keep us updated on how this one turns out.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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