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Standard practice is round to the nearest foot in length and nearest inch in width. If you have a 5'5" board that is a 5 footer, if you have a 6 1/4" wide that 6, if it is 6 5/8" that 7"

They are not suppose to calculate shrinkage in hardwood, softwood is a different ball game.

by your description you picked out a 21 BF stick. It matters not if it has a big bow or cup or wane on it, those are the dimensions therefore that is the BF. If you didn't like the board you didn't have to buy it.

When it gets dicey is when you order large amounts of lumber and have it delivered to you. If you don't like one board usually the whole load gets rejected and you got nothing until it gets replaced. Depends on how friendly you are with your salesman.

I have a little retail place I go to on occasion for smaller jobs, I calculate the BF myself and usually they come in pretty close or on the mark. Only once did they come in less than me.
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