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Powder Post Beetles-Extermination? Please HELP!

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I got a really beautiful bunch of wood from my Grandfather's old barn, but now realized it is infested with powder post beetles. I would like to use the lumber for furniture, cabinetry, jewelry & jewelry boxes and also for some turning projects. I've done a lot of research on my own and have found that Boracare seems to be the leading solution. I've also heard about "Diatomaceous earth", which sound effective, but am concerned with my own health if using this, and think I'm going to stay away from it. Back to the Boracare, does anyone have experience using it? What is the outcome?
Does it have any effect on the appearance of the lumber once its been treated? (stains, residue, etc?) Does it crystallize on the exterior of the lumber? None of my lumber is more that 4" thick, will it effectively penetrate this depth? (if painted/sprayed on both sides?) Are there any health concerns if using this chemical? Will there be any future health concerns for the lumber? (ie- using it for turning bowls.. health concerns with treated lumber being in contact with food??)

Anyone with info please help! I'd love to hear about your experiences and any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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Diatomaceoous earth is organic.

Hi Kate,
DE is totaly organic and Food grade DE is totaly non toxic.
Here is a link to help you better understand it.
+1....Beat me to the reply Jim. Used to work at a fast food place when I was a teenager. We used DE for filtering the fry oil. There were more than a few times I have broken the bags and spilled it on myself. Totally harmless. I mean I wouldn't eat a bag of it or snort it but it is safe. Certainly WAAAAAAYYY more so than Bora care. I would love to hear your results with PP beetles if you decide to use it. I picture it like most of the other "green" alternatives. Safe for the environment but not nearly as effective as the Non-"green" product. Anyway if you do go that way I'd be interested in your results.

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