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Thanks for the reply gentlemen. My biggest concern is the size. The pain is less about cost and more about being able to walk safely in my workshop. After all, I could just endure a hit to the wallet and cut costs in other ways.

I have looked at the postings on CL in Boston....some of the jointers are nice, but they are large.

I'll repost to another thread. I think I asked too many things in the last forum.

If I had space, absolutely, I'd buy a $100 full sized jointer on CL and fix it up and try and get all the rust off (I don't know if it's a mass-hole thing, but folks here don't seem to take too good care of the tools they're selling).

However, I really wish I could buy a 46" jointer like the Grizzly G0452P (http://www.grizzly.com/products/6-x-46-Jointer-with-Mobile-Base-Polar-Bear-Series-/G0452P) in a benchtop version so I could place it over a my planer or store lumber or tools underneath it....although I should be careful what I wish for. If that thing ships at 270lbs, I am sure most of it isn't the packaging and the stand. Maybe a cast iron jointer is just too heavy to move out of position when you're done with it.

Thanks for responding!
A cast iron jointer is NOT too difficult to move to work and then store. I have an old 6" Craftsman. It is on wheels and is normally stored against the wall.

When I need to use it I roll it out and then roll it back. There is room underneath to store other items if needed. It sits to the right of my car in the garage. No reason to open that car door when the vehicle is in the garage.

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