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Porch swing

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Anybody have a printable swing plan?
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Here are a few.

No. 98 (April 1995)
No. 39 (June 1985)

Wood Magazine
looking for “free” DL..
There are a few out there. Some better than others. I thought by now there would be some easy to follow , get er done plans. Looks like their still trying to “Cash in” on the hobby woodworker movement.
I remember when I worked for Gary White Cabinets. His 4x8 shop table had a picnic table layout drawn in marker on the table. He said he gets called all the time to make treated picnic tables and it saved time.
I need to make a layout and pass it out for free..
These probably aren't quite what you are looking for, but might help:
View attachment 452056

They don't print real well, but might help your brainstorming. I have not made these myself, but have used this website several times while thinking about project ideas.
Pretty close , thx…
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Looking more like Winter project, but I’m a
ready full for winter. I’m thinking when the heat in July hits and the shop door goes down I may have to start molding parts.
It’s like I have a full time job anoint I ain’t even got a job..
I just wanted the easy way out.
Still looking around for some free plans..Treated lumber is still drying, but rotating the boards every few days.I let all my 8’ stock sit all summer for the chairs , but may need to steal a boar or two for a swing…
It’s kinda a joke. Downloaded one. It doesn’t give a drawing with dimensions, it just shows a picture of the parts without a grid. Downloaded another , but wouldn’t give me the pictures with the scale. This is really a joke for DIYers like myself..
For the Adirondacks I give them a whole season. For the swing, probably a few weeks..I’ll steal the longest parts from the Adirondack stack as it’s been sitting 2 months..
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It’s getting hot here in KC. I may hop in the garage here in a few days and take advantage of the ait conditioned shop.

I keep reading 12-15 degrees on the back of the swing. I’m assuming you can also adjust the chain a bit to give or take a degree. What’s been your experience on porch swings?
I was thinking earlier I might design it to match the Adirondack, but I don’t want to assume a chair and a porch swing will sit the same..
I’m hoping a little chain adjustment will give me some play with the degree as well. I haven’t sat in a porch swing since I was a kid..
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