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I am still fairly new to woodworking and finishing my first end tables. I used red oak because I got a it for a good deal. My question is how many coats of minwax fast drying poly do you guys usually apply to the top for good protection? I applied the poly uncut with a foam brush, the finish is nice and smooth but I can see a few small pin holes in the areas with a lot of grain. I have about 5 coats on now, can too many coats cause problems? Thanks Jim
the oak should have a coat of sealer before you applyed finish, oak is very porous , and the more you put on the more the little holes will fill up , it will take a few more, what you mite do is sand down a little like take off some of the finish off this may make the hole's somewhat smaller and the finish will start to fill the hole's, next time use filler, good learing experence
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