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I generally buy my lumber from HD or Lowes', so do I really need a planer?
I found a used Delta 12" at a garage sale today for $150, but I really don't know if I need one, since most of the wood I get is already milled to a certain degree. Please advise.

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" I would pass on the Delta. I have one and I spend nearly as much time re-assemblying it as I do running it. The thing keeps falling apart. I started using threadlock on it and it's getting better but I sure couldn't recommend one. "

I also have a Delta mod# 22-250, in fact this is my second Delta. I wore the first one out. (cutter head bearings), and found this one on CL. Nothing has happened to it and it doesn't fall apart. I have changed the blades, simple and easy but does take a little time.

I buy all my lumber rough cut and my planer gets a workout.

The one I have now has a cutter head lock, and slotted blades so they are already in alignment when installed, no need to use a tool to make sure the height is set correctly. Nice feature.

In my humble opinion, the Delta planer is a great beginner planer to start off with.

I paid $150 for my latest one, and it had only been used for, (what the man said), 8 hours of work. The blade was in terrible shape on one side, other side was ok, so swapped the blade and then bought a new set to replace when it was needed.
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