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I have prices parts and am at a total of about $70. I will have a table in my shop dedicated to this setup since I will be using it on a regular basis. I am left with a few questions though. The bearing guides I'm looking at are 16mm, and for price reasons the rods I'm looking at are 5/8". The rod will be about 0.004" smaller than the opening in the bearing guide. Will that 0.004" of play be an issue considering the weight of the router will probably help with that some.

My other question is will a solid steel rod 5/8" thick support my router without flexing? Here's the router I will be using:

I have some 1/2in threaded rod I use to mount 3 buffing wheels on my lathe, about 20in long. This has more flex than I expected. Not a big problem when buffing.

I expect the 5/8in rod will barely flex with the weight of the router, but when not operating. Once you turn it on, I think you will find it has more flex than you want. You have to hold against a decent amount of force with the router bit and the rod will flex.

Whether this impacts the project is hard to say.

I have seen other router sled designs using steel angle iron for the rails. May be less expensive to achieve lower flex.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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