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You may find just replacing some of the long flex runs with straight 4in pipe will have a big improvement.

A Wood magazine article on common dust collector flaws.

Flex is perhaps 3x the pressure drop of straight pipe.


Another Wood magazine article on how to calculate the pressure drop of a system.


Everything we add in a system, pipe, fittings, blast gates, adds pressure drop. More pressure drop, lower air flow. As some point the air flow may be too low to keep the debris in the air stream, and then clogging can happen.

Each manufacturer will recommend a maximum duct size for a given machine. If you go too large a diameter, the air flow is again too low and the system will not carry the debris.

I think you should be looking at minimizing the amount of hose and fittings, they may be killing your performance.

Last year I removed a couple of "Y" fittings, replaced short radius 90's with long radius 90's, removed a 90, etc. This had a big improvement on suction and airflow at the machines.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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