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A couple months ago, I posted a thread asking if pine was durable enough for a bookshelf. Well, thanks to the tips from everyone here, it's completed and moved in! (Except I ran out of shelf brackets, so the two very top shelves are sitting next to it while I wait on them, haha!)

Did it come out absolutely perfect? Far from it. I had a number of comical mishaps at virtually every stage of construction. But I was able to find solutions and get it built more or less according to plan. I got a lot of practice cutting dadoes, mortise & tenons, planing technique, etc. I'm a lot more confident about other ideas as well; things that seemed like "maybe someday" are now filed under "I could probably do that".

So thanks to everyone who gave tips and encouragement! And we still have random piles of books all over the house, so time to build the next one, bigger and better. :cool:

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Looks great. Nice work!
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