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That's a nice story. My grandfather loved wood, too. He taught my father, who in turn,taught me.
Unfortunately not many people these days get to learn these skills, i'm not even sure they teach woodworking in school anymore! And it sure shows in the quality (or more correctly lack of) in many of the houses I work on these days!
I remember, not long after I moved to Auckland, on a fine Saturday afternoon, i proceeded to take a sticking door off its hinges and plane the bottom so it didn't catch on the carpet anymore. My friend who I live with, saw me doing this and openly admitted that he didn't have a clue how to do that and had put up with it for over 10 years! That was the first in a long list of basic diy tasks that needed doing around his house, many of which are now done, though the list never seems to get any shorter!
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